wembo otepa mulumba

Wembo Mulumba

Full-Stack Developer

I have completed over 50 projects including web applications , Android apps, Mac/Windows programs, and web apps for clients. & Previous: Team Lead Web Developer at ABWEB SYSTEMS

wembo otepa mulumba

Software/Website Agency Website Portfolio

Project developed as a contractor. miskalebaron.club is a responsive website build with bootstrap, css and jquery

At the time I was still using AngularJS for the client side routing, although the views were renderd directly in the PHP Zend Framework MVC's back-end. The client side javascript was entirely modularized with Angular JS, which is awesome for code maintainance and scalability. That was probably the biggest challange of the project as it has a huge number of different templates, to make everything run smoothly and cohesively was a huge win.

Technical Sheet

Code technologies I got involved with while working on this project.

  • Front-End Development
  • HTML5 – semantic, audio, video, canvas
  • CSS3 preprocessed with SASS + COMPASS
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Backend Development Using Node.js/PHP/Spring Boot for different agency websites
  • Javascript ES6
  • Ressources

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